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Performance Chat: Piedmont Baroque Consortium
Thursday, January 16, 2014 | 11:00 a.m.

Piedmont Baroque Consortium 

One of the reasons we’re coming together as this consortium is that alone, each of our groups can’t do this music... Because we’ve been so interesting in doing these works, there’s a lot of excitement in the playing and singing. I’m looking forward to having that excitement [for] these new musical sounds – while they’re old, they’re also new because they’re being brought back to life again. - Frances Blaker

Members of the Piedmont Baroque Consortium visit the John Clark Performance Studio for a preview of their upcoming premiere of the Gloria in C No 1 by Antonio Lotti. For centuries a lost masterpiece, Lotti's Gloria will be performed in a collaboration between Piedmont Baroque Consortium Director David Tang and British Musicologist Ben Byram-Wigfield.

View photos of the Piedmont Baroque Consortium's WDAV Performance Chat and listen to the program below.

Program Audio: Performance Chat with the Piedmont Baroque Consortium

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